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Gilder Transport/ Danny Gilder / www.dustygilder.com – shipping horses w/o CVI or Coggins required paperwork. Dirty old stock trailer for a 1000+ mile trip? Really??

Gilder Horse Transport / Danny Gilder delivered a visibly sick (YES, STRANGLES) horse to me on 8/7/2014. I bought the horse from R&R Farms Flemingsburg/Hillsboro KY – who gave me Gilders name (thanks). I suspect this horse went to a holding pen in MO for a period of time after I have read other reviews. Neither of them would confirm his whereabouts. (KY of MO)

The horse arrived with thick yellow mucus in his right nostril. He was covered with dead ticks (we counted over 30), chemical burns, open sores, filthy, underweight, exhausted. He looked like a horse for slaughter. (NOT how he looked when I paid for him) I could have refused the animal but his condition was so bad I don’t believe he would have survived another 1,000 mile trip. My vet arrived with an hour of his arrival and commented that this was the most exhausted horse she had ever seen.

I wouldn't even bring him in the barn without first giving him a bath with Betadine all over. He was disgusting!

I asked the driver, Tom, for a copy of his Coggins and CVI (health certificate) – he had no papers with him. There were 2 other horses on the trailer with mine and another 7 had been delivered to PA which means they were all exposed and most likely carried it with them. He was quick to take my $600 cash and hit the road with out giving me a receipt.

Anyone think they sanitized the trailer after I told them he had STRANGLES??!!

The trailer was a beat up dirty 10 or so horse stock trailer – red with white roof – not what Gilder Transport shows on their website. www.dustygilder.com No hay.

I requested both documents from Erin Hagan, R&R Farms (seller) and Danny Gilder prior to shipping. I didn’t get a copy of the Coggins until a week later by mail from the seller.

He has confirmed STRANGLES. Now my pony has it too. The barn is quarantined for 3 months. Praying it does not spread to the other 2..

I purchased a healthy horse that was damaged during shipping. $600.00 for shipping – 2 sick horses, vet bills, quarantined barn = priceless! And a seller who does not care how her product arrives to the end customer.

They should all be ashamed. Very, very bad business practices and inhumane

I was asked to not call or text anymore that horse are subject to illness during transport - I know. This did not happen over night. You don't catch ticks and chemical burns on a trailer.

What is wrong with people??

Review about: Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation Transportation Service.

Reason of review: Kowingly delivered a sick horse..

Monetary Loss: $2.


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Gainesville, Florida, United States #1181384

Omg I just bought a Halflinger June 5th from Lisha Lovett in Brooksville Fl !It arrived with the yellow snot in nose I had my get out June 6th took nose swab & blood it is strangles!

2 weeks later my little mini is sick with eyes closed shut from pus & very weak high fever !!! Why don't people care about horses !!!

I am under quarantine !I am so worried all mine will get it & I have an old Shetland with cushings !!


I also had an absolutely horrendous time with both R&R Farms (Erin) and the shipper (Danny Gilder).The horse was NOT as represented in Erin's description, and when she was called to explain herself, was quite uncooperative.

I also asked her to take the horse back, which she wouldn't do. As for the shipper, whom Erin 'suggested' (geez... thanks). There was absolutely NO contact from them whatsoever, only when he arrived to drop the horse -- and he had the audacity to get crappy with ME for not being there!

I had no clue the horse was even in transport. The trailer was a stock trailer and was absolutely filthy. Soooo.... $ for the horse, $ for the transport...

and I ended up with a horse that was literally unrideable. Sad to say, but I looked so forward to riding again and having that bond.

I'm now out $5k in total- and that doesn't include my medical bills, lost time from work, prescriptions, etc.Please beware!!!

to Anonymous Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States #995897

I had the same experience.I would report him to the Dept ofTransportation and better business bureau where he is registered Erin does not care what happens to the animals.

Did he have strangles. My guy came a long way in a really bad red stock trailer.

There was a horse on the trailer that had been refused.

God has a special place for them all!

to Anonymous #1001620

I was fortunate in some respects, I guess....No, my horse didn't have strangles, but was sold as an extremely quiet trail horse, kid safe, - you know all the buzz words.

The ad was written so well that it seemed like everything I was looking for. I've had MS for several years now and used to rodeo, so I'm no stranger to horses, but just wanted to ride again... quietly. After riding this horse 5-6 times, he - after absolutely no advanced warning - bucked like a darn NFR horse.

I broke 8 ribs, punctured my lung, had neck and back injuries, a brain bleed and was not black and blue, but literally black from my shoulder to my waist. I was told they did CPR on me and a sternal rub several times because I was unconscious for over 45 min. A month after it happened, I had 6 ribs plated during a major thoracic surgery. Needless to say, between those bills, loss of work for months, the misrepresented horse, etc.

I'm hurting financially now. The horse went to a trainer that ropes, and after a month of owning him, he bucked the trainer off with no warning, as well, and he also ended up with broken ribs, etc. Bad apple....

Anyway, the transport guy didn't have the correct paperwork for me, either. The only thing I received were the horse's papers and a coggins test.

Of course, I was lied to by R&R on that, as well.... was initially told I wouldn't get the papers until later because they were at AQHA... nope, wasn't the case. As I said in a previous post, the stock trailer was absolutely filthy.

There was NO communication and I didn't even have any knowledge that the horse was enroute until I received a call after I'd gotten to work one morning, that they had arrived at the farm. Needless to say, I wasn't ready with their money, nor was I even close in proximity to them. I work an hour away.... The guy was angry with me, so I told him that if they'd had the common courtesy to contact me, especially because there was more than ample time to do so between Kentucky and New York, I would've been there -- and that they were just going to have to wait.

And wait they did... lol... ----- I also did some research and found out that this horse was purchased from a KY auction, just prior to the sale to me. I cringe at the thought that I considered putting my granddaughter on him.

I also have had others contact me regarding the transport and R&R's dishonesty regarding their horses, as they are in the same boat.

I will say.... I did contact several attorneys in the KY area, but apparently the laws there aren't as stringent as they are in other states... which is too bad, because I incurred well over $170,000 in medical bills...

(thank God for insurance), time lost from work and the cost of the horse, transport, farrier, vet, etc.

Shame on them for what they did, but shame on me for not investigating a little further. I let my excitement over being able to ride again enter into things.... and I shouldn't have.

Quite frankly, I'm literally glad to be alive right now.It was bad....


Can you please email me? I got a horse that originally came from R&R and csnt seem to find contact info on them and I' just want some info on this horse bc she came from a dealer and he had no info


Monroe, Washington, United States #870997

The horse obviously got on the trailer with the virus u should be blaming the person u bought the horse from NOT Dannie.That's just crazy he can't help who he picks up it's the *** people selling the horse and putting that horse on a trailer with strangles it's totally rediculous to blame Dannie when he can't help it.

Blame the seller plus that barn is a trading facility they have loads and loads of sick horses in and out of there all the time.If u do proper research u would know all of that

to Cablefarms #871038

Why was a visibly sick horse allowed on a trailer?

I blame them both (funny, Erin / R&R Farms Ramey / Triple R or whatever else they go by - referred me to him).I requested from both Gilder & Seller for a coggins (which was mailed later) and that the horse have CVI before being shipped.

It is illegal to transport across state lines without these documents. The drive had neither and couldn't get away fast enough. His name was Tom, I believe he was a sub-contractor based on looking up his phone #.

Gilder should not have allowed an undocumented visibly sick animal on his trailer. Right?

Unethical, irresponsible and ***. Should I blame the seller for the crappy trailer? I think my horse got shipped off to a holding pen or rode around in a trailer until they had a load coming this way. I also think Gilder subbed out the shipping.

There was no DOT numbers on the truck or trailer. The whole thing was shady all around.

He was not the only sick horse on the trailer. Someone else had refused a delivery that day - Dannie called me by accident to inquire why I didn't want the horse - so someone else turned a horse away that day.


You are correct - I am stunned that the seller did not care how their end product arrived. She told me to not contact her. Where did he get chemical burns and ticks??? The horse was visilby sick.

Why did Gilder even allow it on a trailer? Do you think they sanitized the trailer after he got off??? Why didnt' the driver have my papers? That is the shipper my friend!

God knows how long that horse was on a trailer - it could have been days or weeks.

After my check cleared, I could never get a good answer on his whereabouts.Don't worry It's all been report the the Dept of Agriculture and the DOT.

to Anonymous #1396710

Thank God!Several kill buyers around the US have transporters and vets in their pocket and pay them to forge documents.

They have gotten away with breaking federal laws for far too long.

Look up Joe Simon from Perkins oklahoma And he also has a lot in Minnesota.{{Redacted}}.

to Cablefarms Fairmont, West Virginia, United States #963289

He should have refused to haul a sick horse!By law he should have had the Coggins and any other health certificates, etc IN HAND before that horse was ever loaded, nevermind crossing how many state lines with him???

Yes, R&R is responsible as well for shipping out a horse that they obviously knew was ill..But if the OP is correct about him not sanitizing trailer, and the horse she bought was obviously exhausted, THAT my dear is on the hauler!! Does not matter one bit if the horse came from a world renowned barn or a slaughter pen!

OP-- I really feel for you.. I hope that everything turned out fine in your barn.

I am glad that you did not send him back, as I would say you are right that he would not have survived. All of my guys are rescues/throwaways/slaughter pen saves and glad that his safety was more important than the money.

I hope he turned out to be a great addition to your barn!<3

to Anonymous Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States #964041

Thank you!He is fine.

Over $3990 in vet bills. There is a special place in *** for those people. I use the term people losley. Zero regard for horse wellfare with Gilder.



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